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            Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

            Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China

            Fax: 0086-739-5323649

            Tel: 0086-739-5502258(sales dept.)

            E-mail: syefjxs@syefj.com

            Url: www.therileyandthelyla.com

            News >> Company News

            Multi-function intelligent shaping machine

            Time: 18-10-20

            On October 15, 2018, shaoyang textile machinery co., LTD. 's self-developed new type M5473 tenter centering machine was unveiled in h6-d12 of China international convention and exhibition center, integrating the experience of 50 years of construction of tenter centering mechanism and absorbing the new generation product developed on the basis of the advanced technology of the same kind of products abroad.

            It can realize man-machine dialogue, on-line detection and control, and realize process formulation.Convenient to form LAN to achieve factory information management;Remote monitoring, debugging and software upgrade are realized through 4G network. Operation and alarm data are checked through mobile APP.Low tension and constant tension are realized in the whole process to ensure the stability of fabric weight.High precision temperature control, uniform left, middle and right temperature in the oven.

            Automatic cleaning system with disc filter: it can realize automatic collection and centralized treatment of on-line plush dust, eliminate blockage of filter screen, obstruction of circulation air and low heat energy loss.Can make the fabric in the drying room in high speed stable drying shape.And reduce operator maintenance workload and save energy.

            Equipped with a built-in exhaust system: saves space and can effectively prevent oil dripping from the exhaust pipe.

            Air door bypass system: can prevent the temporary stop when the surface of the air imprint and temperature control stability.

            The indirect heating system with natural gas internal combustion can be selected to prevent the pollution of fabrics by the exhaust gas after natural gas combustion.

            It can be equipped with automatic measuring dolite to automatically control the stability of fabric weight and realize automatic overfeeding.

            Pressure sensor sampling is used for the level control of rolling car, PLC control, touch screen setting, display the level.Each unit of the transmission system adopts the speed closed loop control system with feedback of the motor with frequency conversion and the encoder, which greatly improves the synchronization effect in the process of dynamic and steady state.The PLC control system of Profibus -- DP digital communication is adopted to simplify the control circuit, and all the imported low-voltage electrical components are used to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.

            Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China  Fax: +86-739-5324671  Tel: +86-739-5502258(International trade dept.)
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